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Ellan Lanse

A Couple years ago I got in to a bad car accident that ruptured my pelvis. In may I was introduced by my grandchild to cannabis salve and your CBD honey. It has changed my thoughts on medical marijuana and CBD is the best!

Thanks to your CBD honey I've have been able to bend over with out any struggle or pain. I have been using it for a month now and I definitely feel a difference in my body. I don't have aches and pains as much as I once did now that I am  taking CBD on a daily basis. 

Thank you!

Ellan Lanse from New Mexico


Nate Abitbol 

At four months old our son started having multiple different types of seizures. After being hospitalized a few times and getting a ton of testing done our panel of doctors determined that he had a vaccine injury from the pertussis shot. At seven months old our doctors said they were worried he would never catch up. Since this is a such monumental time for a babies development we were all very concerned. At the time he wasn't moving around at all, wasn't rolling over, he couldn't eat anything other than breast milk and was almost always silent. So we began our quest to help him make some progress. We then started CBD and intense therapies. Within a month of him using CBD we finally got to meet our child. We heard him laugh for the first time in months and he started responding and reacting to his family. He has now been using CBD oil for three months and he has completely caught up to where he should be. We have had no grand mal seizures and have only had small/short seizures.  We are slowly decreasing his regular epilepsy medications. We feel that without his CBD medication from Cannabis Care Hawaii all of his progress would not have been possible.



Aloha my name is Kamalani I'm 25 years old. Last year in June I was severely injured at Manoa Falls. There is a side trail that leads to the top of the falls that it's approximately 150 feet high with a beautiful view of Manoa valley. I climbed it, as I've done a hundred times before, and walked to the edge of the falls. Unfortunately, this time I slipped right of the cliff. I fell to the rocks below, but I didn't blackout and I landed right on my back. I had to be medevaced out and rushed to Queens hospital. I fractured 6 vertebrae including my lumbar and stayed in the hospital for 4 days and I had to wear a spinal brace for 34 months. After that they gave me almost every pain killer out there, started with Fentanyl, OxyContin and hydrocodone, oxycodone, Tramadol and much more. I've done PT and I'm getting pain injections (steroids, pain shots and ablation). Nothing's working. Also after taking the tramadol for a month I had a seizure and now need to be monitored for that as well. I've been dealing with this and taking pain pills for the past 9 months. Like I said I'm 25 years old and was afraid to know what all that would do to my body. 

I've never liked smoking pakalolo because I didn't like how it made me feel after but I was very interested in the healing factors of the plant. After doing some research I found Hawaii Cannabis Care and they've been nothing but awesome and informative. I started taking the CBD capsules and it helped my back so much I was amazed! By pain was dulled enough to where I can actually function and it doesn't make me feel funny at all!I used to take about 10 Oxys per day and now I'm down to 4. And that's just with 1 weeks use if the CBD. I'm going to move on to the tincture now and hopefully I'll be off the pain meds for good in a few weeks. Thank You Thank 

You Mahalo Nui Loa Hawaii Cannabis Care! You have no idea how much you've saved my life.